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Philadelphia parks, trails, and green spaces are yours for exploring! Getting outside is one of the best ways you and your family can stay healthy, even our doctors think so.

NaturePHL Resources

Making Time for Nature  |  Hacer Tiempo para Estar con La Naturaleza
You don't have to try and add time into your already busy day. Instead, try bringing some of your daily activities outside! Check out some ideas we have about how to fit time in nature into your schedule.

Safety Outdoors  |  Seguridad al Aire Libre
Safety is one of the biggest concerns for families. Read over our ideas on what steps you can take to be safe in a Philadelphia park, trail, and green space. 

Values & Benefits  |  Valores y Beneficios
There are many health benefits tied to time in nature and outdoor activity. Here are a just a few of those we'd like to share with you!

Activities   |  Actividades
Having trouble figuring out what to do once you get outside? Check out this list of activities and a nature scavenger hunt created by the  NaturePHL team to get you started.

PBS KIDS , Nature Based Activities 

Plum Landing is an indoor-outdoor science exploration platform for kids and families. Check out some of their nature based activities for more ways to spend time outside! For more resources  and activities, check out the Plumb Landing website.

Signs of Life                      Waggle Dance                           Mission Water

Splash and Dry               More Trees, Please                   Catch Me If You Can     

Rain Detective      

Nature Explore Families' Club

Request to download the free Nature Explore Families' Club Kit for more information on how to start your own Nature Explore Families' Club. Each kit comes with materials that will help you engage families in your area in a club to explore nature together. There are activities and facilitation guides, as well as promotional materials. 

Child Mind Institute

In an effort to support children's mental health, the Child Mind Institute published an article giving parents ideas on how to get their children into nature. 

Natural Learning Initiative

Natural Learning Initiative is a research and professional development branch at NC State University. They aim to help communities create stimulating places for play, outdoor learning, and environmental education – places that recognize human dependence on the natural world. Check out NLI's safety tips for healthy outdoor summer play!

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