Enjoy the holidays WHILE spending time outdoors with these events and activities across Philadelphia!


Photo courtesy of Parks and Recreation, City of Philadelphia

How do I find a park? 

Using our Park Page, you can search for a park, trail, or greenspace based on zip code, park name, or neighborhood. 


I’m looking for a specific amenity, like a park that has a bench or a bathroom- how can I find that?  

You can use the search tool on our homepage to look for specific amenities such as bathrooms, stroller accessibility, and benches. You can select as many amenities as you like and only the parks with those amenities will be displayed.


Where can I find information like park address and  hours?

When you find a park through our search tool, key information will appear when you click on the park name. Click the " Visit Park Page" for more details on a park.


Is there a way to see what the park looks like before I get there?

We have pictures of most parks to give you a sense of it before you go. Philadelphia Parks and Recreation has recently partnered with Google Street View so you may also be able to see the parks via Google Street View.


I took a great picture of a park that is a part of NaturePHL's database, can I share that photo?

Yes! We would love to have you submit your photo to be on one of our park pages. You can choose "submit a photo" which is an icon next to the photos we currently have of that park and we will put it up!


Can I get to these parks, trails, and greenspaces using public transportation?

Yes! One of the features included in our searchable database is public transportation. If the park is accessible by any means of public transportation, that will be listed. If public transit is available for a park the specific bus number or trolley line will be listed on the park page.


 Can I use NaturePHL to find out about fun things to do this weekend in nearby parks?

Yes! NaturePHL has partnered with PhillyFunGuide so you can find fun, family- oriented events going on Philly’s parks, trails, and greenspaces by navigating through our "Upcoming Events."


Can I list my park event on NaturePHL's website?

Yes! To submit an event to NaturePHL, go the the page  of the park, trail, or greenspace where the event is happening and click on "submit an event."


I know about a park, trail, or greenspace in the city of Philadelphia which is not listed on the NaturePHL website. Can you list it?

Yes! Get in touch with us on our contact page and let us know about the park, trail, or greenspace. 


Why is spending time in nature good for my child's health?

Numerous studies show a critical link between wellness and time outdoors in nature, especially for nature. Take a look at our Research page to see up- to-date articles and reports on the impact of nature on children's health, including emotional stability, physical health, and development.



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